Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The last great artist of the Italian Renaissance.

The last great artist of the Italian Renaissance was Tintoretto and he was born on September Th, 1518.He was trained for a short time of period by titian. In or around 1548 Tintoretto was told to paint four pictures in the Scuola di S Marco among these was the celebrated Miracle of the Slave. The last major work of the artists life is the huge Paradise. The artist was assisted by his son Domenico and painted many of the heads and drapery from nature.

Religion and poetry did not matter to Tintoretto he just believed in god and the church loved him and so did people that he knew.His conception of the human form was it is true colossal and organization influenced him considerably.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The medic family

In the beggning the medic family where not wealthy or rich but thy did reach there way u to the top.Tge people who got in there way ended up being humiliated or dead.Peole did anything just to stay close to them.The medics created a parent ship with the church they got 10%of the church ernings.Getting humiliated in front of the public was decided by the devotions and agreements in the society.