Monday, February 13, 2012


Cyberbullying is so bad that people do suicide because of this.It clearly needs to stop!Cyberbulling is between two miners under the age of 18.This happens on electronics like Phones and computers.This happens on websites like on Facebook,Twitter,and Myspace.Young people like me get information from people we don't like and put there information on the computer/websites,embarrassing information.Like an embarrassing picture or something that happened to them.That information is then shown to everyone in the world and stays on the computer.Facebook got in trouble for not really deleting what you wanted to delete so it never is erased and will never be.People who do this can be emotionley hurt from seeing the person they bulled do suicide or can just make you go to jail this is serious and needs to stop.Many kids kill there self's just because of this.I AM AGAINST CYBERBULLING!

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