Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The last great artist of the Italian Renaissance.

The last great artist of the Italian Renaissance was Tintoretto and he was born on September Th, 1518.He was trained for a short time of period by titian. In or around 1548 Tintoretto was told to paint four pictures in the Scuola di S Marco among these was the celebrated Miracle of the Slave. The last major work of the artists life is the huge Paradise. The artist was assisted by his son Domenico and painted many of the heads and drapery from nature.

Religion and poetry did not matter to Tintoretto he just believed in god and the church loved him and so did people that he knew.His conception of the human form was it is true colossal and organization influenced him considerably.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The medic family

In the beggning the medic family where not wealthy or rich but thy did reach there way u to the top.Tge people who got in there way ended up being humiliated or dead.Peole did anything just to stay close to them.The medics created a parent ship with the church they got 10%of the church ernings.Getting humiliated in front of the public was decided by the devotions and agreements in the society.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Aztec Project

                                                        Story of the Aztecs

Once there was a city far away in the Desert.These people were called the Aztecs.Their climate was a lot different then our.The Aztec thought they ruled the whole world but it was actually a small part of mexico.One day the king had a feeling that something really bad was going to happen.Later that day it was hundreds of men riding on horses into the Aztec empire.People were just staring at cortez because they never seen horse before so they crowded around them.They were wondering who they were and where they came from.Cortez and his people just rode through the cities and we're looking at all there stuff.They didn't now that the only reason cortez came was to come get gold and rule their city.                                                                  

He meet the king Montozuma and they gave him gold and welcomed him.Cortez wanted more gold than what they gave him.Montezuma noticed something weird about Cortez he knew he was really cruel and mean.He was being really careful and warned his empire about the cruel Cortez being in the empire.They had feast just for the people and welcomed him with many things.As Cortez was there he learned there religon.How they had many diffrent gods.Some for death and some for life.He learned how they had diffrent gods how they had a pyrimid.First was the ruler and all the improtant people.then second was the scribes and ect.The last was poor people.They didnt call them slaves.The poor had to do farm work.They also had to live out of the city.


Montezuma then said that he could have part of being a ruler.Cortez did not like any of this.So he told his solders to put him in jail.Cortez and his people wrote out letters telling people that Montuzoma was doing bad things.They tried to make lies up all the time.One day all the people got mad and diddn’t believe them so they broke out fighting cortez and his people.Lots of people died in this fight they all fought just to get what was happening.Then cortez made montuzuma come out to tell his people to stop fighting.Then they stopped.

Cortez heard that some people were coming to get him he went to go hide and left his friend Alvarado in charge.But he messed up.While Alvarado was in charge he got mad at some of the people in the city and killed them.When Cortez came back Alvarado told him what he did,Cortez was mad for a little while but was happy later on and forgave him later on.

While Montezuma was in jail he asked Cortez if he gave him his gold could he come out cortez said ok.Then Montezuma gave Cortez his gold.Then cortez still did not let him out,but took his gold.Montezuma eventually did in jail.Still today people still don't know how he died.Later on people heard about this and we're trying to run away.Lots of people ran to the temple in the afternoon.some were running at the night.Cortez heard that people were running away so he closed the three ways to get out the city
Before ,that they were fighting just to get out of the city lots of people died in this too.These people were stuck there for 80 days.They had no food or nothing.They would drink the dirty water and eat animals like frogs and ect.Cortez also brand a disease to the aztecs people called the smallpox and some people died of of that.They died from starvation and some from the small pox also.

Cortes was a bad person who seemed to only like gold.He killed many innocent people who did nothing but do what they did.He killed all these people just for gold.

                                                                THE END!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nobels and Priests

I am a noble in Mayan.I am the only on who can read and write.We talk out the what the rulers say and we ran the towns and cities.I watched over the temples that were being built to supervise it to make shore things ran smoothly.I collected the taxes and money of people each day or week.We led the armies and helped with there armors.

We wore fancier clothing than all the others in our towns and villages.The others wore simple clothing.We wore gold and diamonds all the time.We also Wore skins of jaguars.We were also in the same levels as priests.They spoke the word of god and the truth from god.They had the most relationships with god.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Cyberbullying is so bad that people do suicide because of this.It clearly needs to stop!Cyberbulling is between two miners under the age of 18.This happens on electronics like Phones and computers.This happens on websites like on Facebook,Twitter,and Myspace.Young people like me get information from people we don't like and put there information on the computer/websites,embarrassing information.Like an embarrassing picture or something that happened to them.That information is then shown to everyone in the world and stays on the computer.Facebook got in trouble for not really deleting what you wanted to delete so it never is erased and will never be.People who do this can be emotionley hurt from seeing the person they bulled do suicide or can just make you go to jail this is serious and needs to stop.Many kids kill there self's just because of this.I AM AGAINST CYBERBULLING!